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Space Art is a prominent advertising partner who escorts its customers throughout their brand journey. With an outstanding professional team handpicked from around the world.


Space Art offers an innovative approach considering the spirit of tradition infusing contemporary ideas resulting in spectacular remodeling of architectural works that boast interiors in with the comfortable and commercial successful. Testimonies of our extensive portfolio are reflected and demonstrated in the many Pubs, Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Condominiums, Resorts, Spas and Houses.

Architectural Design – Interior Design – Furniture Design – Design & Build – Conceptualization & Design – Visual Perspectives – Layouts & Sample Boards – Detailed and Itemized Cost Estimates


Space Art designs events to connect with audiences in original and creative ways that will have a long lasting impact. Thinking beyond the traditional way is our motive to create a breath-taking project that serves our customers’ goals while remaining within their budget.

Our experienced team has a very strong background in planning, organizing and executing both corporate and personal events.


Space Art provides full video production services, by managing every aspect of a project’s physical production. Starting from design to the final delivery, our team uses the latest cameras and high-end production to optimize the creative quality to turn our client’s video project into a compelling motion picture.


A powerful brand image begins with a logo that represents each company’s unique value proposition. Our renowned designers not only create unique images that help potential clients identify ET get identified with our customer’s business but also make sure about its timelessness.

The brand identity in general and the logo in particular are the seeds of all the branding strategy therefore we thrive to make it unique, meaningful and flawless.


Space Art has a dedicated team of web designers who creates modern websites that are perfect across multiple devices. We plan, design, and develop attractive responsive websites that increase conversion rates and overall traffic for our customers.

We are committed to help our customers convert their web visitors into customers by creating a visually stunning and practical website.


Space Art is a prominent printing partner who takes care of all the reaches our client’s potential customers. From business cards, stationery systems, to brochures, catalog, packaging and ads, our team carefully handles all the printing requirements of our clients to make sure that the intended message is delivered at the right time, within budget and up to an appropriate quality.


Building and effectively managing a credible online reputation is the motive of our online marketing experts. Space Art, we thrive to develop our clients’ conversion rates, repeat traffic, and expand their online presence to further reach their target audience and develop their business.

Space Art online marketing services include but are not limited to:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

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